The Bocuare Resort is located in the province of Limón, in a village called Bocuare, one of the biggest mountain range of Talamanca, with an area of 15 hectares, in addition to being an area rich in biodiversity flora, fauna, livestock and agriculture but also lets us see the magic of nature, delight with many species of birds, reptiles and mammals, like that which we found at Hitoy-Cerere Biological Reserve, La Amistad National Park and Cahuita National Park, which is surrounded by the Resort Bocuare.

Bocuare features:

  • Restaurant(capacity200persons)
  • Bar
  • Lakes Fishery
  • Rainforest                            
  • Section of trees and medicinal plants
  • Cabins in the mountains
  • Ranches for recreation and resting inside the mountain
  • Trapiche (grinding mills of sugar)
  • Butterflies
  • Birds
  • Area of wetlands
  • Paths of primary and secondary forests
  • Sand courts
  • Organic Crops
  • Tours with horses
  • Travel by raft in natural lakes
  • Sale of Souvenirs 
  • Nursery of exotic plants
  • Scenic view Pool
  • Camping Areas
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